Introduction and historical background

          Since 2007 our founder was start working in environmental field and invest time and energy on finding alternative products that can go along with eco- friendly trend, since then 2E establishment in 2011, we start produce water treatment chemicals that is highly effective for our users. In additional we also provide service after sale and water management in heat exchanger. Such as Cooling tower system, Chiller, Condenser, boiler, Heat plate and RO (Reverse osmosis). To be a number one leading brand of water Treatment Company we have been developing our product time to time, plus to life up our service level to meet the highest satisfaction of customer.  
Proudly present award of registered member of Pollution treatment controller in water pollution system management and industrial waste pollution management. Registration No. 103-61-185 
          2E: was first established in 2011, we were start our first business unit in water treatment specialist. Mainly to provide a water management services in any business such as Industrial, hospitality, hospital and healthcare etc…  Design and apply an appropriate our in house green technology Ozonizer{LOGO WEALPRO®}, Bio degradable chemical treatment {Micro bright™}, Merus Ring {Merus®}  into the specific water quality require of each cases.
          2E group also expanded our business unit to become “One stop shop service” by imported equipment and produce chemical solution 100% in house, to ensure all technologies and products we use will deliver the highly effective result to our customer.
We pleased to present our eco- friendly products and consulting & services package to meet your needs in each business sector such as water treat in cooling water loop, boiler water treatment, and water treatment with bio-chemical, Water treat in heat exchanger, evaporator, Chiller or heat plate.


To be a number one leading brand of water Treatment Company provide a complete service with quality of work on time with highest customer satisfaction

  • Rresearch & developing product that give the most beneficial for user. As well as controlling the quality of an existing products.
  • Participate together with the company’s partners In order to improve the standard level of water treatment segment base on eco-friendly mind set.
  • In accordance with international standards
  • Recommend and disseminate knowledge about the company’s products or any other method to reach the most beneficial of the whole supply chain,  energy conservation, health and the environment
  • Deliver high quality of work on time with highest customer satisfaction