Wealpro® Ozonizer:  Ozone technique is one of the technology that 2E has been using to address deposit problem in piping system. Especially, in many projects that require to minimize chemical usage.  2E Ozonizer are trade under the brand “Wealpro®” Ozonizer available for Air treatment and water treatment, suitable for household scale up to industrial scale (1g to 20 g).  2E engineers has researched and developed the most durable and efficiency parts to be used in “Wealpro®” 100% in house production: System design is available to meet each project needed 100% in house production: System design is available to meet each project needed Household ozonator is a device for the purification of water, air, food and household items; using ozone eliminates bacteria, viruses, odors and a broad range of contaminants. Many people mistakenly believe that the ozonator and ionizer are one and the same device. Although the ozonator produces a small number of ionized particles and ionizer – a certain amount of ozone, they differ mainly produce the different particles. Household ozonizer very extensive scope of application: it helps to remove invisible pollutants in drinking water, vegetables and fruits, children’s toys, textiles, kitchen appliances and surfaces to eliminate odor in a closet, the fridge or the whole of the dwelling.

– Water purification
– Disinfection of vegetables and fruits
– Sterilization of children’s toys and bottles
– Disinfection of textiles

– Cleansing meat, fish, poultry
– Sterilization of kitchen appliances
– Eliminating odors from the cupboard and fridge


A few facts about the ozone

  • Ozone is a natural purifier that destroys bacteria, viruses, cysts and fungi.
  • Ozone oxidizes hydrogen sulfide, iron, manganese and most chlorinated hydrocarbons, removes soap and oil.
  • As the oxidizer, ozone 500 times more powerful than chlorine and 3,000 times faster at killing bacteria and viruses.
  • Ozone consists of oxygen and leaves no chemical odors and flavors, does not cause irritation and discomfort.
  • Ozone makes the water fresh, clean and crystal clear, speaking an alternative to chemical cleaners.
  • Ozone is not carcinogenic, non-irritating, does not dry the skin, leaves no chemical film, does not destroy and will not discolor hair.
  • The first commercial use of ozone recorded in 1906 in the municipal water supply system. Today it is used in various industries around the world, including in the production of food and bottled water, water parks, aquariums, pools and Spa resorts.

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